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WIG-CRAFT a field for experimenters ?
Why not  ?
A lot of theoretical research has been done concerning ground effect in relation to stability and related topics, but very few Wing-In-Ground effect crafts exist. At the same time, the search for faster and faster machines has neglected the effect, sometimes with devastating results. In 2001, Mercedes built three Le Mans cars. Two of the three cars flipped over backwards during the race. Almost every year, several high speed racing catamarans flip. Even small racing hover craft at high speed have the tendency to lift at the front, but this twisting moment can be compensated by the driver leaning his weight over the front of the craft. Spectacular crashes from instability need not be the norm.
Some time ago, a Russian company built the SERVER, a typical dynamic hover craft. Cruising speed 120 km/h with only 54 HP. As you see on the image, the propeller and engine are in front of the craft, pulling the craft instead of pushing it. This pulling configuration is far more stable and could be incorporated to create stable WIG craft designs. Second, by installing a folding skirt in front, the craft could utilize static pressure to achieve separation from water surface tension, and to maintain elevation until the craft is traveling fast enough to maintain dynamic lift. The skirt could be raised and the craft could travel in WIG mode. If used only on water, a catamaran configuration will work well. Surface Area, Desired Speed, Cruising Altitude, Pay Load, Cockpit Size, Horizontal Stabilization, Flaring Height and even ergonomic, are only some of the factors that need to be considered for an excellent WIG design.
An other example of original thinking is shown on the right. The Cushion Crow is a flying body/wing.Experiments with this design are very promising. These are only two examples. There are many more possibilities. Warning model experimenters: Due to the behavior of a wing in ground effect, models can only be used on flat water or the model must be a large scale.
cushion crow
Cushion Crow
Most models are low flying aircraft's !!   BUT.........
for a firs dry,  go to this link for an
easy to build paper model