We live in an interesting time, one for watchers and dreamers and one for people who are willing to realize there dreams. The boat is the most easy to handle one person cabin multi hull cruiser on the marked. Perfect for coastal sailing, river/channel trekking you name it. By the way the boat is fast to.  You have the will to build such a boat by yourself? Then read on ..

The CATAPROA is a new type of craft. A boat between a Proa with which all the Pacific islands where populated and a catamaran. So, no shunting like a Proa, but tacking like a catamaran. In fact the boat maneuvers like a dinghy, see video. 
The boat is small but capable for coastal sailing. It is a one-man trekking craft but also nice for 2 for day sailing.  Beaching is easy through the rudder automatic. The boat is trimmed not only with the lateen sail but also the movable daggerboard. The total weight of the boat is only 90 kg. Beaching is no problem. The cabin is 2m long and 0,9m wide. The seating height is 1m. As a sail you can use a Sunfish sail. Cheap and easily available. The boat can be built for about US $ 1000,- ready to go. Construction is the time-proven (ply)wood/glass fiber/Epoxy system. Anybody with the basic tools and capabilities of repairing a chair can build the boat. By the way, new Epoxies are no toxic! Anymore.
The boat is easy to set up (transport beam on the road 1,6m only). Fasten 8 bolts. Insert the windsurf mast, set the sail and of you go. It is a one-person operation because the boat is so light.

The construction manual is a "picture story" with a lot of extra information ( 28 paginas, 22 photos). The drawings are easy to understand and delivered as a PDF drawing set with 24 drawings). To get an idea what you need to build the boat click here for the "Bill of materials". Construction time about 200 hours.

Plans set costs
US $ 100,00