I design multihulls for home construction since 1980 and selling plans over the Internet since 2001. I lost count on how many countries around the world my boats were built. I bring three types of experience into my designs. I studied physics. I have built 15 boats. So I know what works and what not. I lived, with my wife, for 11 years on board of our catamaran "PELICAN". So I know what works and what does not.
My portfolio includes a wide range of catamarans outriggers and proas. Many of them are unconventional designs, boats for individuals like you?
Many of my inventions were copied, to name only a view. First, my vertical furling system for main sails (1967 !) on my PENGUIN mono hull, my simple rudder automatic (1980), and the negative stem (ECO 5.5 designed in 2002).
Design styles range from the DUO 425 to the C 1000, the first multi-hull that sailed, solo, non-stop, around the world. Our "home-built" designs maintain the time-proven wood/epoxy/glass composite construction system, resulting in a strong, light, and inexpensive craft.
In our changing world it is paramount to protect our environment. The wood, Epoxy composite system is the most environmental friendly system to built a boat. New Epoxy is made from natural materials. The material is not toxic anymore**. it degraded by itself in sunlight. It is still the most cost effective construction system.
Wooden boats are long lasting. Wooden boats still sailing which are now around 200 years old. Normal tools are sufficient to build a wood, epoxy boat.

I am known in the business for my personal support and the support from

the K-designs forum* with over 800 members. Pick one and build it.
Can you repair a chair? Then you can build one of these boats.

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Some of my designs. Hover over to enlarge

Catamarans from 4.8 till 13.5 m
DUO 480 C
ECO 5.5   
ECO 6      
ECO 7.5   
MAXI 8  
KD 860  
KD 860 O
KD 1000  
KD 1001  
KD 1050  
DUO 800 S
DUO 800
SC 435   
A-symmetrical catamarans
DUO 425
P 95       
ECO 5.5  P
ECO 7.5  P
Houseb 6.2
Houseb 7.5
Power catamarans and houseboats
Outriggers, Proa
Cataproa 4.2
Cataproa 5.8
Little Tri
Tint Tri
Cataproa 5.8