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DUO 480 is a DUO 480 Jigsaw without the cabin. It is a perfect boat for rivers or coastal trekking. The cockpit is roomy. By the way,  an Iglo tent can be set up on the cockpit.
The boat can be trailed as is with its beam of 2,4 m. It is light enough to be towed also with a small car because the boat weighs only 120 kg. The length of the boat is 4,8 m, by the way.
Click on the small picture from the list of materials. As you can see, the costs for the materials are also low. If you want and can find windsurfing rigs like we can get here in France, the costs for the whole boat are low. The result is a fast and fun boat.
Look at the video, how easy it is to build the boat. You need nothing more than a flat surface.
Push F11

DUO 480 plans cost: US$ 85,-