The layout speaks for it self I. The double bunk can arranged  for comfortable seating at daytime for four persons. The entrance hatch is partly over the pantry. In this way good ventilated is guaranteed and there is  sufficient head room. If you use gas, the gas bottles can be stored on the self draining starboard locker. An important safety aspect.
The enclosed bathroom is a nice feature for a boat of this size. It is a comfort factor special on longer trips like extended holidays. The entrance to the single bunk has the height of the cabin and gives some privacy through the dagger board box.
The cockpit is self draining. Through the a-symmetrical mounted rudders is room for transom steps. Nice to have on such a small boat, not only for fun but also for your safety. The wings give a better view, enhance the stability and are fun to sit on anyway. When folded up the form  backrests. The unusual front seats will be aprreciated on a nice day/
The boat is no racer but a family coastal cruiser. Here the result from the expected speed till a hull lifts out of the water with a safety margin of 90% wind fluctuation. The slightly higher speed comes from a person of 50kg (100lb) sitting on the windward side. The top speed will be with the standard sails as show around 15 knots and the maximum stability of 1,5 metric tons. At a wind speed of 20 knots the boat has still a recovery point with a positive lift of 250 kgm at 50 degrees heel. In capable hands an extra code1 of about 18m2 can be set with of course higher speed. With its draft of only 0,22m (dagger board) up you can enter coves and places no other coastal cruiser can go.
Building a boat for the first time looks a bit scary. Here you have a lot of drawings, there a pile of plywood, wood sticks, fiber glass and Epoxy and that has to be become a boat. Is it worth all the work?  Money wise sure when you want a new boat.
Good quality material for the whole boat cost here in the Netherlands about � 4000,00 (US $ 4300). Then you need the rig (later about that more) a 6 HP outboard engine and some inside amenities (Toilet, pantry equipment, deck gear) If you shop careful the boat will cost you, ready to go, about US $ 8000,-.
The study plans include the speed prediction, dynamic stability diagram for different wind speeds, drawing examples, bill of material and other important information
The extensive drawing set and the manual with construction photos will help you to build the boat and the Gunter rig to. Just this possibility will safe you a lot of costs. The plans consists of  31 drawings and a description of 26 pages.
Study plans cost US $ 12,-*
Plans cost US$ 180,-*
* delivery: attachment to email

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