Loa /Lwl                          7.50/7.75 m *
Beam                               4.50 m
Draft (ex. Rudder)                 0.30 m
Draft dagger board down            1.30 m
Weight empty   approximate       750.00 kg
Weight max. CWL                 1384    kg
Sail area sloop rig               28.60 m2
Sail area Wishbone gaff rig       27.60 m2
L : B ratio hulls                 1: 9 
B ratio hulls                     46,66% effective
Outboard engine about             2 x 5 Hp
Electric drive                    2 x 1.5 kW
* incl. rudder
Static righting moment             2.200 kgm

Plans          US $ 280,-   
Study plans         US $ 15,-             
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The ECO 7.5 is the logical bigger version of the ECO 5.5. But it is a total different boat. The hulls are multi chine designs.
For dimensions, see the specifications. The layout speaks for itself. The boat has proven to be a perfect boat for long distance cruising.  The  boat has proven to be a very good coastal cruiser.
Construction and design. Like all our designs, the boat is a (ply-)wood/glass /Epoxy construction. 
The headroom in the hulls is 1.92 to 1.82m, where it counts. 

Big storage areas (inside and outside)  makes the boat a perfect boat for extended vacations.
The plans show two sail plans. The first is a conventional fractional rig. The wishbone gaff rig has a roller reefing jackstay for fast main sail operation (see next page).  Engine choices, two outboard engines, each with about 5 HP, or a single center-mounted outboard.