Designed for 55 years. A super fast catamaran for the first time amateur boat builder
The SC 435 was my first catamaran design. I designed the boat 1979. I lost count how many plans for this boat I have sold. The sail in almost any country of the world where is water. But the SC 435 story is going on.The last addition is the blue cat which was built in Island.
SC 435 has asymmetrical hulls and is build in a form of matched hole technique used in the aircraft industry. In this way the hulls are self aligning. There is no need for jigs etc. The hulls are plywood/glass/epoxy constructions. One hull consists of only 10 parts! Beams and mast are made from standard aluminum tubes to speed up construction and safe money.The boat is a perfect beach cat, very good to handle even in a lot of wind. No tools are necessary to set the boat up, or break down after a days sail. The boat is light enough for roof rack transport.
We designed and built our SC 435 in eight weeks spare time others dit it in 4 weeks!
Length:    4.35 m
Beam:      2.10 m
Weight:    66   kg
Sail area: 13 m2
Construction time about 120 hours

The plans are delivered as E-book
with a step by step building instruction (18 pages)
and 22 drawings plus the new rig
as an attachment.
Picture show with boats sailing and construction click arrow
Plans US $80.-
A selection of SC 435 built in different countries
Short You tube video
PDF INFO SHEETS with bill of materials

The SC 435 can be now build with my vertical
main sail furling system and a jib. The sails can be set and shortened in seconds. This unique system is possible through the mast top rotor. I developed this devise for the Tiny Tri some years ago. A customer in Seattle uses the system for his trimaran.