T 85

The T 85 is a trawler-inspired motor sailor catamaran.
It is a boat that an amateur can build. It opens a lot of possibilities to make it to your taste.
The basic parameters are set and should not be changed. The boat can be adapted for inland water cruising, channel cruising, including the French channels, or as a coastal and sea cruising boat in capable hands.
The boat comprises of my time-proven wood, glass fiber, and Epoxy composite construction system. Easy to learn. Some woodworking tools will do the job. For instance, no vacuum pomp will be superfluous after the work is finished.
Wood, glass, and Epoxy are sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. New Epoxies are nontoxic and can also be fabricated from wood as primary material.
I already give many options for propulsion, from a basic boat with sails and a 15 hp outboard engine to a solar electric boat.
The layout of the boat speaks for itself. It can be adapted for weekend sailors with accommodation for six persons.  Or used as life on board boat for two.


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