nomy cruiser

L.o.a.             5.50m
Beam               2.50m
Draught hull/board 0.22/1.00m
Weight             289   kg
Weight max. CWL    620   kg
Main               11.4  m2
Jib                7.10  m2
31 Drawings*: .JPG or DXF files. Manual: 22 pages description (Adobe Reader)

All drawings are CAD drawings
Wood/epoxy composite for easy construction and low maintenance.
From the trailer into the water without set up time
Construction time about 400 hours !
STUDY PLANS (15 pagina's) US $ 12,-
PLANS US $ 110,-
The first ECOnomy cruiser was designed 2003. The first multi-hull with a negative bow, by the way. The model is basically the same, but the experience from owners/builders around the world flows in this updated model.  The ECO is a perfect trailer/sailor. With its empty weight of only 290 kg, the boat can be towed with a small trailer with a medium size car.
After many requests I the original version with the rounded bow is still available, it is up to you which you would like to build *
It stays that the ECO is a perfect first time boat building project. The boat has been proven to be, in capable hands, a perfect coastal cruiser. 
Read the FAQ why I will stay with the wood/glass fiber/Epoxy composite construction system. The result is a light and fast catamaran. The single chine hulls are easy to build. The cabin sides are made from a single sheet of plywood.
There are now two rig option. A normal rig, as shown in the rendering. The other rig is a Gunter rig with only one halyard. This rig is as effective as a fat head rig but can be made by yourself.  The rotating aluminum mast is made from a 80mm diameter tube, and a piece of an (old) windsurf mast. The mast of this rig is only 4,3m long. Easier to set and ideal for road transport.
Rudders fold automatic back when an object is hit. Single dagger board which can be handled from the cockpit.
The boat sleeps 3 to 4.Good size pantry. This boat can be build for a fraction of the costs of any other boat of this size. See
OF MATERIALS (and a sample drawing).  By the way, I give no numbers for construction time. The quickest build till now was 400 hours.... The longest, up to you.  Because of the many ECO's built and our Active
K-designs group interesting possibilities emerged. Examples luvboards, leeboards, the variable rig solutions, and more. The next page includes  video clips, building steps, and inside pictures from finished boats.
* When ordering please state which version you want
* depends on model